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How to find more home mortgage refinance clients

I remember before the 2008 Housing Accident that almost everyone who had no job was suddenly a mortgage broker. Everyone wanted to get in touch with all the homeowners they wanted to refinance. Buyers were everywhere, and everyone made money until they were gone, and we all know what happened after that. Now we see that the Federal Reserve is raising interest rates, and is beginning to greatly affect the mortgage business.

What can you do to keep your mortgage business green? How can you continue to find people who still want to make fi now at the highest rates? Believe it or not, it’s not impossible: you just need to focus on your marketing and take it to a higher level. Below is a sample marketing piece to look at and think about. Ideal for email marketing, website, social networks, brochures, mailing or radio ads for 2 minutes.

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Is your current mortgage interest rate too high? Would you like to get some capital out of your home for your children’s college, buy a car, renew or pay other debts? There are many reasons to refinance with the need to be specific to the financial situation and the wishes of the borrower.

Re-Fi can often be stressful, since lenders want to know everything about you and your financial means. But it doesn’t have to be a difficulty. This is the reason why we explain in advance all the necessary verification pieces before starting. In this way, there are no real surprises at the last minute, which is a common complaint of borrowers who refinance their properties. Often, a lender may need additional verification to substantiate any doubt, but most of this is predictable.

You see, before the loan committees meet, there is someone who checks all the paperwork before the presentation, these quality teachers and paperwork know what is going to fly and what is not. Sometimes, the loan committee may say, “Well, if we have a verification of this, then it is an attempt, and we all sign the agreement.” Remember that each institution or organization has its own bureaucratic processes, and this is how things work. If you show that you have a reduced risk, you get the best rate. Is about:

1. Credit score
2. Income
3. Debt
4. Personal funds

We have been doing this long enough (30 years) to predict such potential eventualities. Yes, when it comes to the re-fi experience it is worth it.

We can help you optimize refinancing through the FHA or the VA if you are a veteran. The USDA also offers a refinancing program. If you want to renovate your current home, you can refinance or get a second mortgage. If you want to buy a house and renovate it, fix it, you may qualify for the FHA 203 (k) rehabilitation loan program.

You have options and we have solutions, we get them, and we will make the deal for you.

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